Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wayne Portraits: Who's who?

In Batman and Robin #10, Alfred, Dick/Batman, and Damian/Robin visited the hall of Wayne portraits at Wayne Manor.

Since Bruce Wayne travels back in time via Darkseid’s Omega Sanction (Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne), the question that hangs in the balance is:

Are they all Bruce Wayne?

Below are gathered infos to help us answer that question.

The portraits in order:

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1. Mordecai Wayne - Is Bruce Wayne, we learned that from Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2.

2. Thomas Wayne – An empty space that supposed to be the portrait of a Thomas Wayne (not Bruce’s father) lies next to the portrait of Mordecai Wayne. Why is it empty? Let’s hear it from Alfred:

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In Dark Knight Dark City (Batman 452-454), a story by Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer a cult who worshiped the demon Barbathos (Barbatos) was introduced but a devil worshiper Thomas Wayne was not mentioned.

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Note: Given that the Waynes are one of the first families in Gotham City, it is possible that a certain Thomas Wayne is part of the said cult before.

3. Darius Wayne - In Rick Veitch and Tom Yeates’s Swamp Thing #86 Darius was known as the guy who built Wayne Manor.

4. Joshua Wayne - Batman: Shadow of the Bat #45 by Alan Grant and Mike Dutkiewicz, told the story of Joshua Wayne, who died protecting a slave on the Underground Railroad. It’s likely he might be the Cowboy Batman from Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4, just as Mordecai is the one from #2, since his portrait also contains a clue to the future in the form of the Barbatos casket.

Note: In his portrait, Joshua seems like looking on something...

and Dick traced his sightline to another portrait of Darius Wayne.

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Note: Before he disappeared Bruce’s last assignment as Batman is the death of Orion. This gives the idea that Darius might also be Bruce Wayne because his portrait also contains another clue. Am I right Mr. Grayson err Batman?

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5. Solomon Wayne - Appeared in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #27. Solomon is Joshua’s brother. He was a high-class judge who built a bunch of gothic buildings in Gotham.

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6. Alan Wayne - Alan was Solomon’s son, and founder of the development of Gotham’s railroads which backs up the entire Underground Railroad/Mexican Train background of Wayne family.

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His only previous appearance is in a text piece by Scott Beatty in Batman: Secret Files and Origins 1997. In Batman and Robin we’ll see that his grave forms the centerpiece of the “Garden of Death”.

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7. Kenneth Wayne - Kenneth was Alan’s son, and started Wayne Chemical. He apparently died early, and his wife Laura was a big prohibition activist after that. (Batman: Secret Files and Origins 1997)

8. Patrick Wayne - Started WayneTech, ran the company through both World Wars. Thomas’s dad, and Bruce’s grandfather. (Batman: Secret Files and Origins 1997)

9. Silas Wayne - Uncle Silas debuted along with this portrait gallery back in Batman #120, in a story where he was disappointed that Bruce was such an unassertive and timid man. By the end of the story, he died, but not before Bruce told him that he was Batman, making him proud.

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and the last portrait belongs to...

10. Dr. Thomas Wayne – Bruce’s father.

Thank you for reading. Until then.

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